At Angel Creek Nursery we grow a wide variety of liners, from industry standards to the newest cultivars. Our plant mix changes frequently in response to our customers’ requirements.  We are happy to contract grow plants not in our usual palette. We sometimes have items in limited quantities which are not on our plant list. Please contact us for more information.

Plant Available Ready Date
Acer buergerianum Aeryn® 3g 716 01-Oct-22
260 01-Jun-22
Acer rubrum ‘Brandywine’ 3g 2,673 01-Jun-22
919 01-Oct-22
Acer rubrum October Glory® 3g 7,660 01-Oct-22
Acer x freemanii Autumn Blaze® 3g 1,721 01-Oct-22
1,470 01-Oct-22
Betula nigra Heritage® 3g 105 01-Jun-22
Cupressocyparis x leylandii 3g 1,563 01-Jun-22
Cupressus arizonica ‘Carolina Sapphire’ 3g 375 01-Oct-22
Ilex latifolia Cool Fences™ 3g 100 01-Jun-22
200 01-Oct-22
Ilex x attenuata ‘Greenleaf’ 3g 290 01-Jun-22
Ilex x Christmas Jewel® 3g 45 01-Jun-22
Ilex x ‘Emily Bruner’ 3g 378 01-Jun-22
Ilex x ‘Homefire’ 3g 885 01-Oct-22
Ilex x ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ 3g 2,619 01-Jun-22
945 01-Jun-22
Ilex x Oakland™ 3g 87 01-Jun-22
50 01-Jun-22
Juniperus virginiana ‘Brodie’ 3g 450 01-Oct-22
Juniperus virginiana ‘Burkii’ 3g 302 01-Jun-22
Lagerstroemia x Colorama Scarlet™ 3g MS 300 01-Oct-22
Lagerstroemia x ‘Muskogee’ 3g MS 316 01-Oct-22
Lagerstroemia x ‘Sarah’s Favorite’ 3g MS 294 01-Oct-22
Liriodendron tulipifera 3g 600 01-Oct-22
Magnolia stellata ‘Royal Star’ 3g 105 01-Oct-22
235 01-Oct-22
65 01-Oct-22
Magnolia virginiana Keltyk® 3g MS 315 01-Oct-22
340 01-Oct-22
Magnolia virginiana Moonglow® 3g MS 185 01-Oct-22
495 01-Oct-22
Magnolia x ‘Jane’ 3g 235 01-Oct-22
Pistacia chinensis 3g 507 01-Oct-22
Platanus x acerifolia Exclamation™ 3g 115 01-Jun-22
Prunus caroliniana Bright & Tight™ 3g 260 01-Oct-22
300 01-Oct-22
Quercus alba 3g 320 01-Oct-22
Quercus bicolor 3g 185 01-Oct-22
840 01-Oct-22
Quercus fusiformis 3g 124 01-Oct-22
Quercus lyrata 3g 2,270 01-Oct-22
Quercus macrocarpa 3g 211 01-Oct-22
Quercus nuttallii 3g 1,270 01-Oct-22
1,137 01-Oct-22
4,225 01-Jun-22
2,700 01-Oct-22
Quercus nuttallii Sangria® 3g 3,500 01-Jun-22
Quercus pagoda 3g 2,354 01-Oct-22
Quercus phellos 3g 2,476 01-Oct-22
6,463 01-Oct-22
Quercus shumardii 3g 527 01-Oct-22
Thuja x ‘Green Giant’ 7g 3,121 01-Oct-22
Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’ 3g 250 01-Jun-22
Viburnum awabuki ‘Chindo’ 3g 194 01-Jun-22
375 01-Jun-22
214 01-Jun-22
Viburnum macrocephallum 3g 210 01-Oct-22